Private Beta! February 20th, 2009

A lot has been happening with ChirpTracker since our last post. We’ve retired ChirpChatter and brought the micro-blogging features back into ChirpTracker and now are back to one single app that will have all of our features. ChirpTracker is now the the ultimate social network for birders. You can post sightings, converse and connect with other birders, use advanced technological features with ease, and many many more features to come!

With that being said, we have finally begun private beta testing We’ve already received some fantastic feedback from our beta users and they have really helped us work out a lot of the kinks we’ve had. If you’re interested in participating in the private beta, you can simply email us at and request an invite to the private beta and we’ll send you one within 48 hours.

We’re currently closing in on getting all of the basic functionality down and will soon be working on and rolling out some of the really cool features! We’ll be using the blog to keep you updated on these new features as well as any new happenings with ChirpTracker.

Stay tuned and good birding to everyone!

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