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New Share Button July 25th, 2009

We’ve introduced a new way to share your sightings and updates. You can now easily and quickly get the full, permanent URL of the update or sighting. You can also quickly Email, Twitter, send to Facebook, or bookmark on Delicious by clicking the icons in the share box. To do so, simply look for the “Share” link and click it.

Share Button Image

This will open the share box and you’ll have quick and easy access to all the different ways to share!

Share Button Image

ChirpTracker Mobile, Now with Auto-location! June 29th, 2009

ChirpTracker Mobile ( has just received a small, but substantial update. We’ve created an all new Sighting form to make sharing your sightings from the field easier than ever. The updates include:

  • Brand new, easy to use form. This form has an individual field for Species, Location and your update text, just like the web interface!
  • Auto-complete species names as you type. The new interface will finish the species name that you’re typing, as you type it. For example, if you start typing in “Red tailed H”, a nice list of species will show up below the text box and “Red-tailed Hawk” will be at the top. Just tap on the name of the species you want and you’re done!
  • Automatic location. This is a great new feature. If you’re on the iPhone 3.0 OS, you will see a button appear below the location box, it says “Find my location”. Simply touch that button and we will automatically find your current location! Now that’s cool.
  • Interface updates. As with the recent interface update of the website, we’ve also slightly updated the mobile site with some cleaner graphics and easier to use layout. We’ve also updated your themes to match the updated themes on the website.

Following are a few screenshots to illustrate our changes:

What are you waiting for? Get outside, go birding and try out the new and improved ChirpTracker Mobile from the field! As always we would love to hear your feedback!

Out With the Old, In With the New June 16th, 2009

For the past few weeks and months we’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes of ChirpTracker to build a flexible system that will tailor to birder’s needs. Tonight we’re releasing something that you can see, feel and play with; an updated UI. While this certainly is far from the finished product, this update brings us one step closer to what our original vision was for ChirpTracker. In this update you’ll notice quite a few changes:

  • An all new sharing interface. This interface will allow you to quickly share sightings, updates, photo, video, or even audio updates with ease.
  • All new way to post sightings. Sightings are now easier and faster to share than ever. You can quickly display a map to pinpoint your sighting if you aren’t sure of your location. Many of you will also be happy to hear that you aren’t required to use the sightings format that you are use to. Using the new form will allow you to share your sightings faster and easier than before.
  • Reorganized links and some new pages. We’ve reorganized some links to make things easier to find and also added a few new pages, such as the Fledglings page which you can use to see new users who join ChirpTracker!
  • Refreshed look. The overall look of ChirpTracker has been slightly refreshed and modernized. Please use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome to view a much enhanced version of the site over Internet Explorer.
  • Update themes. While the themes are still fairly simple and plain, they have been refreshed and one new “Earth” theme has been made available!
  • Extra options drop down. You will notice a small, handy drop down menu in the new sharing interface. Currently the only tool available is “Shorten URLs”. Many of you will be very happy to see that simply clicking on this will AUTOMATICALLY shorten any long URL into a short and sweet URL. Enjoy.

Here are a few screenshots of the new sharing interface:
The new Sharing form:
New Sharing Form

The new Sharing form in use:
New Sharing Form

Internet Explorer uses may find some bugs here or there, and if you do, please report them. One thing to remember when participating in a private beta is that you have to put up with some bugs every now and again :) . As always we would love to hear your feedback. We will be rolling a similar set of updates out to ChirpTracker Mobile in the next few days so that posting a sighting will become just as easy from there!

If you don’t see the new updates right away and things look a little funky, try clearing your cache in your web browser and refreshing. An easy way to do this is to hold the SHIFT key and press the REFRESH button in your browser at the same time (Shift + Refresh).

Introducing ChirpTracker Mobile May 31st, 2009

As per our commitment to make posting a sighting from the field easier, we’re excited to announce the first release of ChirpTracker Mobile ( In our developments, we’re eliminating the need to go out in the field, bird, then come home to a computer to enter data. ChirpTracker Mobile brings us one step closer in achieving this vision and allows users to report sightings from the field as they happen from any mobile device, instantly in real time. ChirpTracker Mobile is the second installment of our mobile suite as you can also post an update or share a sighting via text messaging or email.

ChirpTracker Mobile is compatible with almost all modern day smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc) and it offers the same functionality that is available on our main site. Each user will have the ability to stay current on updates and sightings from their friends via their home and public timelines, update or post a sighting themselves and explore the entire database of species with access to all images, species data and species sightings. To begin using ChirpTracker Mobile, simply head over to with your mobile device.

Below are some screenshots of a few selected mobile devices with ChirpTracker mobile running:


Tip: With the iPhone you can select to “bookmark” the site and it will appear as if it were an app on your iPhone desktop.

As our development with ChirpTracker Mobile progresses, we’ll continue to release updates and enhancements that will make birding easier and more efficient than ever before. As always, please continue to send us bugs or compatibility issues with your mobile device.