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Introducing ChirpTracker Mobile May 31st, 2009

As per our commitment to make posting a sighting from the field easier, we’re excited to announce the first release of ChirpTracker Mobile ( In our developments, we’re eliminating the need to go out in the field, bird, then come home to a computer to enter data. ChirpTracker Mobile brings us one step closer in achieving this vision and allows users to report sightings from the field as they happen from any mobile device, instantly in real time. ChirpTracker Mobile is the second installment of our mobile suite as you can also post an update or share a sighting via text messaging or email.

ChirpTracker Mobile is compatible with almost all modern day smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc) and it offers the same functionality that is available on our main site. Each user will have the ability to stay current on updates and sightings from their friends via their home and public timelines, update or post a sighting themselves and explore the entire database of species with access to all images, species data and species sightings. To begin using ChirpTracker Mobile, simply head over to with your mobile device.

Below are some screenshots of a few selected mobile devices with ChirpTracker mobile running:


Tip: With the iPhone you can select to “bookmark” the site and it will appear as if it were an app on your iPhone desktop.

As our development with ChirpTracker Mobile progresses, we’ll continue to release updates and enhancements that will make birding easier and more efficient than ever before. As always, please continue to send us bugs or compatibility issues with your mobile device.

Birders with iPhones? September 24th, 2008

While brainstorming new ideas and features for ChirpTracker, one that naturally comes to mind is an iPhone application.  Now, even though you don’t know exactly what the site is about, we are curious as to how many birders actually have an iPhone?  We also would like to know that if you have one, do you usually take it with you when you go birding?  Finally, if you are interested in ChirpTracker and want to stay updated on our iPhone application, you can simply email us at and we will keep you up-to-date.