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RSS? Yes, Please! March 15th, 2009

Do you like RSS? We do. That’s why we have created some new RSS feeds for you! These new RSS feeds offer a new dimension to ChirpTracker. Lets go over some of the possibilities:

  1. Subscribe to feeds on ChirpTracker to receive up to the minute updates in a standardized format
  2. Use your new Sightings RSS feed to show your latest sightings on your blog!
  3. Subscribe to specific users, your friends, or all of ChirpTracker and receive the updates on your mobile device.
  4. Many, many other possibilities

Finding your different feeds couldn’t be easier. Each page that has an RSS feed automatically knows that one exists. You can tell if there is an RSS feed by looking in your URL bar in your browser, for example take a look at the screenshot below:


There is also another way to find RSS feeds on ChirpTracker. If there is an RSS feed on the page, it will show up in the bottom right hand corner of the page with the standard RSS icon. Take a look at the screenshot below:


The icon will appear and there will be text beside the icon describing the type of RSS feed that is on the page. ¬†Our next blog post will cover a few short tutorials on how to integrate these RSS feeds into your website and/or blog. We hope you enjoy these new updates and we’ll continue to roll them out as fast as we can make them!

Species Pages Updates March 13th, 2009

We have updated all of our Species pages with more images, videos, data and even an updated look. What’s new in this release:

  1. New index page for browsing species
  2. Species data for over 500 different species from our partners, BirdGuides
  3. Additional images
  4. New layout and look

The first big addition we have made is the new Species index page. Below you can see a screenshot of what this looks like. The new species page allows you to browse species or search by using the search box at the top of the page. We also are displaying the top 5 most sighted species in the right hand column.

Species Pages

We have also managed to add data for more than 500 North American and European species, greatly attributed to our partners, BirdGuides. With this addition of species data we have also added hundreds of images and videos to species across the site. When you get a moment, explore around and look at some of the great shots and footage we have on the site!

The last update we have made to the species pages is a new, refreshed layout. Below you can see the new look and layout:

Red-tailed Hawk Screenshot

You can see we have added new tabs on the top of the Overview page. These tabs are used to display all the data we have about the species. We have also reorganized the right hand navigation. You can now see how many sightings, images and videos each species has simply by glancing at the numbers in the right hand navigation.

We will continue to add more and new images and videos as well as add more data to species that don’t have any. We hope you enjoy this update!